Yosef Rodjero

Yosef Rodjero

Yosef Rodjero was born in 1950 in Odessa, Ukraine. From The age of 12 he attended art school and in 1966 he began sculpting at the Odessa College of art. Yosef received his M.A degree in 1973

From the soviet army to design memorials across the Soviet Union in memory of soldiers who died in World War 2. At the age of 39 Yosef Left the Ukraine and moved to Israel. Prior to his arrival in Jewish state, he had not been allowed by authorities in the USSR to incorporate Jewish motifs in his art. Yosef Rodjero artistic style indicates .Particular influence by the Italian renaissance.

Phone: +972-548652770
Email: yosef@ar-worldofart.com

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